About the author

Khadija is a true global citizen, being Senegalese and French, and having lived in various countries such as Brazil, the United States, Malawi, the Netherlands, Spain and Côte d’Ivoire. After attending the prestigious prep school Lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris, she graduated from ESSEC Business School and started a thriving corporate career in the world of commercial real estate throughout Europe. In the midst of the pandemic, she rekindled her original love of making art and creative writing, and ultimately decided to trade her spreadsheets for her stylus and tablet. She is now an author, illustrator, and concept artist.

Her experience abroad made Khadija acutely aware of the need for the African diaspora to remain cognizant of and connected to their culture. This realization led her to create The Balafon Project™ in 2023, whose purpose is to make literature and artistic content to showcase the beauty, culture and heritage of Africa to children of the diaspora and on the continent. Being fluent in five languages – her native Wolof and French, but also English, Spanish and Portuguese -, it is her ambition to translate her children’s books in all of them and many more, to reach the largest audience possible.

Khadija now resides in Indianapolis with her husband. When she is not busy creating new art, this lover of literature, culture, arts (…and noodles!) likes to design and sew clothes, travel the world and dance.

For more information about Khadija’s art and The Balafon Project™, please visit us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.