Alima & The Magical Balafon

When her grandma comes to visit her all the way from Senegal, Alima is puzzled by the gift she receives: a curious musical instrument called a balafon. But that night, she discovers that the object is enchanted, and houses a kind
and mischievous spirit whose mission is to help her discover her motherland.

Accompanied by her new friend and her tortoise Mbonaat, Alima then embarks on a magical adventure!

About the author

Khadija is a true global citizen, being Senegalese and French, and having lived in various countries such as Brazil, the United States, Malawi, the Netherlands, Spain and Côte d’Ivoire. After attending the prestigious prep school Lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris, she graduated from ESSEC Business School and started a thriving corporate career in the world of commercial real estate throughout Europe. In the midst of the pandemic, she rekindled her original love of making art and creative writing, and ultimately decided to trade her spreadsheets for her stylus and tablet. She is now an author, illustrator, and concept artist.